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4th Grade






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President's Day Activities

Christmas Traditions

Autumn and Fall Activities Veteren's Day Actitivits
Martin Luther King Biography  

Language Art


Inference & Drawing Conclusions Inference Battleship

Paint by Idioms

The Plural Girls Fables for Children
Idiom Games More Idiom Games Poetry

Idiom Site


Compare Genres
Author's Purpose Activity Greek Mythology for Kids  
 Wacky Web Tales

Grammar Blast

Grammar Games





Social Studies

USA Quiz

Gold Rush Game Antarctic vs. Arctic
Where is That?  (A States Game) Gold Fever Arctic and Antarctic
State Facts Gold Rush Game Arctic & Antarctic Facts
State Puzzle PBS Gold Rush  

The Fifty States

Gold Rush BrainPop  

States Page

Gold Rush U.S. Government: Checks and Balances
USA States The California Gold Rush Letters US Constitution
State Research   Ben's Guide to U.S. Government 
50 States Facts


Bios of African Americans

Northeast Region Quiz


Famous Black Americans
Identify North Eastern States    
Kansas Attractions by Region    


Math Playground Place Value Puzzle Math Dictionary for Kids
  Convert to Improper Fractions Interactive Manipulatives
  Place Value Mystery Airline Builder 
Mission Multiplication Operation Snowman Leap Froggies
Multiplication Facts Scrambled Egg Subtraction Making Change

Math Magician

Millionaire Subtraction Game Cash Out
Monkey Drive

Speed Math

Counting Money

Math Games

Cross the Swamp

Lunch Lady
Customary Units of Length

Create a Graph



Mean, Median, Mode & Range